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Therapeutic Movements

Therapeutic Movements is an outpatient pediatric therapy clinic, providing occupational and physical therapy to children from birth to 21 years of age.  We offer a sensory clinic, innovative treatment with the latest technology, and playful, engaging treatment.  We are in network with a number of insurance providers and the Children’s Star Medicaid program.

Personalized Therapy

Personalized, high quality therapy

We recognize that every child is unique, and every family is unique.  We create personalized plans of care in our sessions, provide education and personalized home exercise programs for families and patients, and continually re-evaluate a child’s progress and update goals and treatment plans.

Focused Treatment

Focused, individualized treatment

Your child will be treated to enhance and capitalize on his or her strengths, gain knowledge of his or her strengths and challenges, and learn how to further develop the areas they need to continue growth toward the best he or she they can each be.

Experienced Therapists

Very experienced therapists on staff

We employ only the best therapists!  Our staff has years of experience working with children and most are parents themselves.  We encourage and provide regular continuing education in areas most current in pediatric intervention.  We are also a teaching facility, regularly accepting students to foster continued growth in the therapy fields we are so proud of.

Therapists Work With Parents

Therapists work closely with parents

Parents are always welcome to get as involved in therapy sessions as they desire.  Parents may sit in on sessions to assist with carryover for home practice, observe from viewing windows, and discuss sessions and continued intervention ideas following each and every session.

Therapeutic Movements Wants You To Move!

Questions Or Concerns About Your Child?

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We Love Our Children

We love working with children and their families! We specialize in special needs children struggling at home or school and children wanting to improve in play, social, sports, or academic areas of their lives. We hire only the best and most experienced therapists. We deliver fun, innovative, evidenced based practice that our kids and staff look forward to weekly.
Dalton Smith, MOT, OTR