Does My Child Need Intervention?

Identify Red Flags

Gaps in a child’s development can lead to a number of deficits in independence, academics, self-confidence, social and play skill development, and overall motivation and willingness to try new things.  Below are questions to consider if you have concerns or believe your child may have deficits somewhere in his or her development.

  • Has your child been delayed in any major developmental milestones?
  • Has your child had excessive ear infections?
  • Does your child have trouble making or maintaining friends?
  • Does your child avoid sensory experiences such as playground or amusement park equipment?
  • Does your child startle easily?
  • Is your child in perpetual motion?
  • Does your child regularly fall out of his or her chair?
  • Does your child demonstrate poor posture while sitting for homework or on the floor for play?
  • Is your child a picky eater?
  • Does your child resist getting dressed each day?
  • Has your child had trouble acquiring more novel gross motor skills such as riding a bike, jumping rope, skipping?
  • Is your child constantly tired?
  • Does your child have trouble settling in for sleep or staying asleep?
  • Does your child fall often?
  • Does your child have excessive tantrums?
  • Does your child have trouble completing a daily routine?

If you answered yes to any of the above, please call us.